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Steel Stacks and Liners

Arizona Public Service - Cholla Steam Electric Station
As a part of environmental upgrades at the Arizona Public Service Cholla Plant, APS installed a wet-scrubber system which necessitated retro-fitting the Unit #1 chimney to accommodate the operational changes.
Cargill Fertilizer, Inc.
As a part of environmental improvement efforts, Cargill Fertilizer contracted Warren Environment Inc. to design and build a 300' tall odor stack at their facility south of Tampa, Florida.
PEI Power
The recent increase in power generating demands has resulted in a surge in construction of Gas Turbine Power Systems at new and existing facilities throughout the United States.
Lehigh Cement
The installation of new kilns at the Lehigh Cement - Allentown Plant required the installation of two new waste exhaust gas stacks at the facility. The 230' tall steel stacks were a dual wall design.
Jamestown Utilities
Like many smaller municipal power generators, Jamestown Utilities was faced with the challenge of meeting increased generating demands for their clients. Their solution was the construction of a new plant powered by a Deltak HRSG unit.
NYC Department of Corrections
The Keyspan Energy Utilities Upgrade Project at the Rikers Island Correctional Facility included requirements for replacing and/or retrofitting existing boilers, installing new ductwork and erecting a new steel stack.