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Home > Case Studies > Inspections > Bethlehem Steel Corporation

Bethlehem Steel Corporation

Lackawanna Coke Div.

Inspection and re-cladding of a 130' tall Flare Stack

GCI's inspection of the NFF-CS Flare Burner Stack at Bethlehem Steel's Lackawanna Plant identified heavy corrosion and plate buckling in the upper section of the stack. Ultrasonic thickness ("UT") measurements indicated that corrosion was primarily confined to the tip section of the structure. However, damage was significant and operational safety a concern. Gibraltar Chimney implemented immediate repairs that included temporarily reinforcing the buckled section and installing stainless steel cladding.

  • A nitrogen purge of the vessel.
  • Continuous monitoring for air quality.
  • Air fed respirator use for emergency evacuation and rescue.
  • The installation of emergency descent rescue equipment.
  • Special protections to prevent weld splatter from creating a fire hazard.

The proximity of the flare stack to adjacent operating equipment necessitated that stringent safety procedures be implemented.