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Capitol Cement Corporation

Image 1

Martinsburg, WV

Partial Demolition and Replacement of the 100' × 12'-6"Ø Stack

An inspection of the No. 9 Kiln Stack at the Capitol Cement Plant identified severe corrosion of the steel shell throughout the upper half of the structure. Gibraltar Chimney dismantled the corroded portion and erected a new 75' stack section complete with a CEMS platform and ladder.

The deterioration throughout the upper 15' section was so severe the stack was 'paper-thin' and could not safely support a typical repair bracket scaffold. Consequently, the top section had to be removed in a piecemeal fashion, from a man-cage supported by a 90-ton hydraulic crane, before the base sections could be dismantled with the crane. The replacement also required supporting and modifying the existing breeching duct and expansion joint at the stack inlet. All work was completed in a 7-day plant shutdown.