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NYC Department of Sanitation
Gibraltar Chimney was contracted to demolish two 200' tall radial brick chimneys for the New York City — Department of Sanitation. The chimneys were vintage turn-of-the-century structures, with massive walls, architectural details and a full height steel corset on the freestanding firebrick liner.
Capitol Cement Corporation
An inspection of the No. 9 Kiln Stack at the Capitol Cement Plant identified severe corrosion of the steel shell throughout the upper half of the structure. Gibraltar Chimney dismantled the corroded portion and erected a new 75' stack section complete with a CEMS platform and ladder.
Brunswick General Hospital
The Facilities Manager at Brunswick General Hospital was faced with a dilemma. A redundant boiler chimney was in an unsafe and potentially hazardous condition, however, cost estimates for the demolition exceeded the hospitals budget.
Dormitory Authority of NYS
The installation of new boilers at the Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Hospital meant the 150' tall radial brick chimney was no longer required. With the chimney located immediately adjacent to the boilerhouse, demolition using mechanical methods such as hydraulic breakers or similar techniques was not possible.